Our Comelona Hamburger

The house speciality!

Our Location

Take a look to our family-friendly truck at Wayside Churche.

Ready to order?

Whatever you choose will be served right away!

Chicken Avocado Arepa

This is our special Queen Chicken Arepa and we can only recommend you this: Don't miss it.

Grilled Steak

This is our Special Beeff. Wanna try it?

Come with your family and friends!

This guy know's what's best!

French Fries... With Cheese!

Don't settle with just fries, add them cheese or bacon.

Mixed Hamburger

This one has both beef and chicken. Can't wait? Come right now!

The best attention

As a family, giving an excelent attention is one of our priorities.

Don't forget the taste

All of our specialities are Venezuelan food!.